Electric Razors

Electric razor is the latest invention in the field of razors. All of us are very well aware about the use of safety and the straight razors. What happened is that with the passage of time people started demanding more and more convenience and the result was the electric razors. This was also advantageous because there was too much of time that was saved and the convenience with which the shaving was done was amazing.

The electric razors were also called the dry shavers which performed the entire shaving without any application of soap or a cream. This was the main reason why the people preferred electric razors to the manual razors. The best part of these electric razors was that it was motor operated and did not involve any manual operation. These electric razors were powered by the DC motors which were in turn powered by the batteries or the mains.

Many new companies came forward to offer the various models of the electric razors and as we know that the technology has played an important role in creation of newer and innovative things, there were manufacturers who introduced two new systems in the field of electric razors. These were the rotary type of electric razor and the foil type of electric razors. Both of them are now widely used by people and they are definitely very happy with the consumption of both these electric razors.


The rotary type of electric razors as the name suggests had the blades which rotated and thee three circular slots under which the blades used to rotate and clean the unwanted hair. Foil electric shavers are the ones where the metal strips are placed opposite to each other and there is a middle slot in which the blades oscillate in such a manner that when it comes in the contact with the hair, the shaving starts and te unwanted hair get ward off.